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Because just living in your home doesn’t mean that your kids are catching the faith.
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The real question is: Will you commit to passing your faith on to your kids? It doesn't happen automatically. Just living in your home doesn't mean your kids are catching your faith.

Parents are the most valuable and the most important people we have; that’s why we need to enjoy each day spend in our parents’ home. However, many families feel problems with mutual understanding and connection and search for ways to restore communication. Many families rely on faith in this regard, and they do it right because it’s a powerful tool that can connect people. Connection with parents is essential for students who face different challenges every day and need to feel the support of loved ones. Well, your mother and father will hardly help you write a top-notch essay or research, trust papers to the custom paper writing service instead. Each of us should do his job, and professional writers follow this rule. Don’t let your homework and academic load take away your time. Implement the knowledge you got to do assignments, and if you see you fail to complete them — ask for help and save your mental health.

Although you may send your kids to a Christian School, or take them to Sunday School or other church activities, God designed the family to be the place where spiritual values are passed on to kids. You are the primary spiritual trainer of your child.

The Family Challenge is part of a global initiative to motivate and train parents to be the primary spiritual trainers of their own children. Being spiritual leaders is not optional. It’s the way God designed that his values be passed on to the next generation.

When you commit to taking the Family Challenge, your commitment is primarily between you and God. When you sign up on this site your commitment will be an encouragement to others to take the challenge as well. Statistics are compiled of parents from all over North America and around the world who also are taking the Family Challenge.

As this site develops you'll have opportunity to share what resources you use to help you pass your faith to your kids. More to come. Thanks for your participation.

To view the sponsors of the 4/14 Family Challenge and this website, click here.

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