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> Family Time Activities

Teach parents how to make devotions fun for kids as they use the language of children, activity, to teach biblical concepts. They'll make devotions so fun, their kids will beg for more.

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> Children/Parent Curriculum

Parents can teach kids how to handle common family routines from a biblical perspective including following instructions, responding well to correction, accepting no as an answer, and many more.

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> Hero Training Camp at Home

Hero Training Camp uses the life of David, activities, songs, crafts, and science experiments to help parents teach children what it means to be a hero in four areas: do what's right, deal with wrongs, be honest, and care about others.

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> Kids Honor Club

When parents teach honor in the home, kids learn valuable relationship skills and develop qualities they'll use for the rest of their lives.

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BPU logo

> Biblical Parenting University

Biblical Parenting University provides online classes on demand in the comfort of one's own home. The teacher track provides classroom management strategies and the parent track gives in depth plans for parents to use as they work with their kids at home.

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> Free Email Parenting Tips

Free email parenting tips come into your inbox twice a week with practical, biblical encouragement and ideas. You may pass them on to others in your church to raise the awareness level of the importance of parenting from a biblical perspective.

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> Parenting is Heart Work

Parenting is Heart Work is a study of the word "heart" in the Scriptures plus a practical guide for parenting all rolled into one valuable resource. Learn about your child's heart and how to parent for heart-level changes. Whatever age your children are, you'll gain new insights into their hearts, as well as your own.

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Faith Legacy Series DVD

> Faith Legacy Series

Faith Legacy Series is a DVD-based family ministry curriculum that helps parents be effective spiritual nurturers in the home from birth through high school. The sessions include DVD teachings interspersed with small group discussions. The entire church supports families at the Blessing Events, which can happen during a worship service. Discipleship topics are discussed at the appropriate age-levels: how to have meaningful family devotions, how to teach your child to serve, how to instill values for money management and giving, how to discuss issues of sexuality, purity, and more.

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Visionary Parenting DVD Series

> Visionary Parenting DVD series

This powerful look at God's call on your life gives you as a parent practical ways to view your calling and help you move in a positive direction in your family.

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Awana Icon

> Awana

This resource has many practical suggestions which encourage parents on the "how-tos" of spiritual nurture which builds healthy families. Articles are conveniently indexed so that you can easily find what you need when you need it.

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The Story of God image

> The Story of God and Man

Transfer a Biblical worldview to your kids in 7 minutes a night with this 190-page full color children's picture book with 95 rhyming Q & A's of an updated, trans-denominational version of the Shorter Catechism of 1647, which are also being set to music!

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Homes Devoted icon

> Homes Devoted

Homes Devoted empower and equip parents to impart their faith to children in the home. They share free tips and encouragement from their own experience in ministry and family life and their own children participate to encourage your children. Jonathan & Carrie bring real life understanding with a practical, hands-on approach in communicating and leading parents to make generational impact. Churches also partner with them for hands on, specific, continuous vision casting with parents and for consulting staff in developing ministry to families as well as implementing family retreats and conferences.

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Kidz at Heart icon

>KidZ at Heart

KidZ at Heart develops teams of volunteers that go internationally, equipping people to reach and teach kids for Christ using methods that are effective for helping kids learn about Jesus within their own culture.

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